Twin Cafe

TWIN CAFE is located at the ground floor of Twin hotel.

*For Reservation/ Group Functions or parties: +603 – 9281 7298/9266

Enjoy great dining all day at Twin café located at the ground floor of Twin Hotel and treat yourself to value for money dining and leisure.

Twin Café offers a spacious, relaxing and informal ambience with menu featuring all-time local favorites as well as international cuisines. Eating in Twin Café is to share in the creativity of Chef and his team.

Chef philosophy is to keep it simple, hygienic, tasteful and healthy using the best and freshest ingredients available.

Twin Café’s Hainanese-style chicken chop is one of the restaurant’s specialties. Topped with chef’s special mushroom sauce, Twin Café’s Hainanese-style chicken chop is the epitome of one traditional Hainanese chop. Other signature dishes worth trying are the Australia beef steak, pan fried lamb chop and egg fried rice.

Café’s goal is to create moments of delight for diners where all diners are met with a relaxed and comfortable restaurant environment where they can enjoy their own gastronomic experience to the fullest. It is indeed a great place to meet friends for celebrations, a private drink or stopover before heading home.

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Pan Fried Chicken Chop

Indonesia Style
Brastagi Fried Rice


Australia Beef Steak

Egg Fried Rice

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